The beginning

This is a website for smileys and icons which can be used in the internet (bulletin boards, chats and mails). It began in 2006, in the urge to find thematicallly fit smileys for the own bulletin board in the classical fantasy section (like orcs and elves). I couldn't find any appealing to me and so I started to work on it and ended up with a quite satisfying outcome. Since the other users of the bulletin board also found joy in my smileys, i decided to continue this project and to bring it into a final form.

Continuing the project

This little, but laborious project, which started only for a small community, was supposed to get a better presence. I decided to complement the already present graphics by adding new ones. Since the planned and possible supplementation describe a large extent, it may possibly take some time till there will at last be a coverage which I can consider a basic stock.


Given that I am no expert on webdesign I would like to say thanks at this point, to the author of the website, who is offering so many fantastic templates under creative commons license. This has helped me immense!

My thanks also goes out to my friends and users, which have for one helped me by testing the final outcomes, but also supported and motivated me through the project.

Have fun!

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